RiverRidge Infrastructure

Our commitment to full circle waste management has seen us invest in sites, facilities and plants across Northern Ireland.

Our Infrastructure

RiverRidge operates at multiple sites across Northern Ireland that allow us to offer a broad range of multi-sector waste management services for all.

Northern Ireland Sites

Covering 95% of Northern Ireland’s postcodes, a RiverRidge service is always just around the corner.

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Material Recovery Facilities

RiverRidge has invested substantial amounts in developing its three Material Recovery Facilities. The plants are first and foremost designed around the extraction of recyclable products which are co-mingled with commercial or municipal waste.

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Transfer Stations

In order to cost effectively move waste from various sources to the RiverRidge treatment facilities, it is important to have suitable Transfer Stations.

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Baling Stations

The company currently operates two dedicated baling stations. These facilities provide a dedicated baling service for most single stream materials being received from customers.

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Waste to Energy

Most of the waste streams that RiverRidge handles contain a viable element of energy. Plastic contains the highest energy levels while organic wastes would generally contain the lowest.

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As an engineered landfill, RiverRidge is responsible for capture and careful management of any leachable liquids in the landfill, as well as emitted gasses.

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