As an engineered landfill, RiverRidge is responsible for capture and careful management of any leachable liquids in the landfill, as well as emitted gasses.

Landfill Design

Even with all the treatment capacity and infrastructure within the group there is still a need to landfill certain fractions of waste. Ordinarily the landfilling of waste is limited to non-recyclable or non-combustible waste streams.

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Waste Water Treatment

Any liquids that are extracted from the landfill are treated through the company’s onsite water treatment facility and reused for vehicle washing.

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Landfill Gas

As waste within a landfill decomposes it generates methane gas which is regarded as a greenhouse gas and is harmful to the environment. At RiverRidge the company has invested heavily in developing a gas capture systems that allows for the use of this gas to create energy.

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