Material Recovery Facilities

RiverRidge has invested substantial amounts in developing its three Material Recovery Facilities. The plants are first and foremost designed around the extraction of recyclable products which are co-mingled with commercial or municipal waste.

Each plant is designed to extract metals, plastics and papers using magnets, eddy currents, picking stations and near infra-red technology. The non-recyclable material at the end of the treatment process is then processed into waste derived fuels. RiverRidge produces a number of distinct waste derived fuels ranging from high quality fuels for the cement industry to basic fuels for large scale waste to energy plants on the European mainland.

RiverRidge’s three plants currently treat over 350,000 mt of waste each year. Over the last three years, RiverRidge has produced and exported over 250,000mt of waste through the three facilities.

The facilities currently service a number of Northern Ireland’s Local Authorities, assisting them in achieving their annual Northern Ireland Landfill Diversion targets.