Engineering Fuels From Waste

Most of the waste streams that RiverRidge handles contain a viable element of energy. Plastic contains the highest energy levels while organic wastes would generally contain the lowest.

RiverRidge’s expertise resides in the engineering of Waste Derived Fuels which contain carefully designed elements of each waste type and consequently a fuel with a specific energy content.

The recovery of energy from waste is now an accepted part of the waste management process across Europe. The technologies form an important sustainable component of any country’s fossil fuel reduction policy as well as a means of reducing the levels of greenhouse gas emissions created from the landfilling of waste.

RiverRidge plays a critical role in supporting and enabling the development and operation of waste to energy infrastructure across the UK and Europe. As an experienced manufacturer of the material for some years, the company is by far the largest exporter of Waste Derived Fuels from Northern Ireland having exported over 250,000mt between 2014 and 2017. Export customers include some of the largest waste to energy facilities in Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Spain as well as cement operations in the Republic of Ireland.

The logistics of moving such large quantities of waste derived fuels is incredibly demanding and closely regulated by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency as well as the respective Environment Agencies in the receiving countries. RiverRidge has earned a reputation as a reliable and dependable fuel exporter and has a number of close working relationships with ports across Northern Ireland.