Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR)

RiverRidge is a market leader in the waste management sector. This position is maintained by our dedicated business development and customer care teams.

The segregation of easily recycled wastes such as clean paper, cardboard and plastics into separate containers is by far the quickest and easiest way a customer can realise a reduction in waste management costs.

RiverRidge can guide customers through the implementation of this process, provide a suitable collection container and once collected give customer’s the peace of mind that their waste is being effectively processed mechanically at one of our state of the art Material Recovery Facilities.

A DMR collection rate is less expensive than a General Waste collection service because we are able to extract value from the recyclable materials and also avoid the need for landfill.

What normally goes into a DMR Container:

riverridge dmr icon paper Paper

riverridge dmr icon cardboard Cardboard

riverridge dmr icon plastic bottles Plastic Bottles

riverridge dmr icon plastic film Plastic Film

riverridge dmr icon aluminium cans Aluminium Cans

riverridge dmr icon metal cans Metal Cans

riverridge dmr icon wood Wood

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Plastic bottles are the mainly recycled into polyester fibres and used to produce clothing!

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