Food Waste Collection

Legislation enacted in Northern Ireland obliges all businesses who produce food waste to properly segregate this waste into food waste containers for separate collection.

It is now illegal for a company who produces more than 5kg of food waste each week, to send this waste stream to landfill. RiverRidge has worked closely with WRAP and the hospitality sector to adequately provide an efficient and effective Food Waste collection service. Segregated Food Waste is sent to one of the company’s treatment partners who either produce energy or compost from the waste stream.

To make disposal easier, RiverRidge can accept out of date food waste still in its packaging. Customers can also use clear plastic bin liners within the bin in order to prevent odours and pest nuisance.

What normally goes into a Food Waste Container:

  • All left over meals
  • Out of date food in its packaging
  • Vegetable and fruit peelings and cores
  • Mouldy or end of life bread and meats
  • Paper hand towels and serviettes

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The average UK household throws away an average of 24 meals a month!

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