Skip Hire

With a comprehensive range of skip sizes and collection frequencies, RiverRidge can assist any size project with their waste management requirements. From household clearances to multi-site construction projects the company has a huge stock of skips and roll-ons along with a large fleet of vehicles to accommodate any collection frequency.

Services include the following:

  • Next day service
  • Long term and short term hire
  • Wait and load
  • Scheduled exchange

Our range of skips includes the following:

When a regular chain skip isn’t large enough, you can choose from a range of even larger Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) skips, which generally come in sizes ranging from 20 yards to 40 yards.

Mobile Compactors

For waste management in any working environment.

Portable Compactors were traditionally used for commercial / general waste which is sent to landfill. Nowadays, where recycling is the preferred option, they are increasingly used for recyclable materials such as plastics and cardboard. RiverRidge will accept compacted cardboard as readily as baled card.

Once full (indicated by a full or three-quarters-full warning light) the Portable Compactor is simply collected, taken away to be emptied, and returned to site.

Portable Compactors are available in chain lift, otherwise known as ‘skip lift’ compactors, or roll-on/roll-off formats (hook lift). The smaller machines are usually supplied as chain lift and can be easily transported by skip lift vehicles. Roll-on/roll-off compactors are picked up using hook lift vehicles, and are typically larger machines and require suitably equipped trucks for transporting.

Compactors are ideal for large volume recycling and waste producers where space is limited, and tidy sites are essential for busy well managed companies.

RiverRidge can supply a range of sizes and container types, but typically with 18, 30, 35 and 40 yard capacity.

For organisations producing larger volumes of recyclables, we can reduce the number of collections required by using compaction and baling equipment. This achieves maximum capacity payloads for every container, significantly reducing unnecessary journeys, reducing fuel consumption and, as a result, reducing the customers carbon foot print & enhancing their environmental performance.

Compactors are suitable for Commercial / General Waste, mixed recyclables and, if suitable, food waste producers such as hotels and restaurants.

Waste can be reduced by a significant ratio of its original volume, depending on the material being compacted, which also means you need less storage space on site.

Recycling compaction can improve hygiene, increase security and reduce fire risk, significantly contribute to health and safety on site by reducing the amount of loose waste residue sometimes found on busy commercial sites.

NB: Sizes may vary depending on manufacturer.

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The UK Construction Industry produces three times more waste than all UK households combined!

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