A Day in the Life Of… Arek Byczek

In our new, Meet the Team feature, we wanted to provide an overview of the fantastic work our team does.

First up is Operations Supervisor, Arek Byczek. We caught up with Arek to ask him about his day and what it involves. Find out more below...

7:30am: This is usually the time that I drive to work as I start at 8am. My workday begins by collecting all daily sheets and sending a daily report to the Operations Manager however, a Monday morning is slightly different as I do the weekly reports. The rest of this time is usually spent checking emails.

9am: I do a walkaround on site, then check what materials we have ready to collect. Then I go see the Operations Manager to plan out the day, confirm what loads our team will bring in and what materials we will get out. We also plan all maintenance and service. Once that has finished, I usually will do a quick check on my emails.

10:30am: This can consist of many tasks including filling in the daily site diary on my tablet, ordering parts for machines, calling for services, checking recovery on the picking line or speaking to shift supervisors. Once a week around 11am, I also do the weekly fire alarm test.

12pm: I walk around the site with my tablet and fill in the weekly Health and Safety inspection and Fire inspection information. I control the staff in the picking line, check picks per minute and control loads going out, then I will have my lunch around 1.30pm. 

2pm: I carry out changeover with two shift supervisors, approve holidays for employees, check employee working hours and check more emails!

3:30pm: I check and sign off daily check sheets for all the machines, and plan the work that needs to be done on both the evening and night shifts.

5pm:  This is when I finish work for the day. It usually takes me about 25-30 minutes getting back home, then I take my dog for a walk. Between 6pm and 7pm, I enjoy dinner with my family.

7pm: After this time, every day is different! Sometimes I take my motorbike out and sometimes I work in the garage or the house. This can be a time to do something with my family, but also answer the work phone if someone needs me.

10pm: This is time for shower and bed!