A Day in the Life of… Shirley Napier

Up next in our 'A Day in the Life of...' feature is our Contracts Support Executive, Shirley Napier! Find out more about Shirley's typical day below. 


I wake up to the daily struggle of getting the kids ready for school, a task which gets harder as they get older, then it’s time to get myself ready and out the door for work.


I arrive at work and start going through and responding to emails – some days they come in quicker than I can get through them. However, it’s never repetitive as I help resolve different customer queries and issues, and solve new problems every day. It helps that I love the varied nature of my role.


 I have a quick cup of tea before getting instructions from my manager Pamela on the priorities for that day – this is certainly never dull as I never know what each day will bring! I then work through my daily report, ensuring everything is correct before sending through to Pamela.


Around this time, I’m hopefully working on emails from that day, which are across three inboxes. I’ll also usually have a call from either Pauly or Geardy in planning. I log on to the portal to check if anything needs added or changed, whilst also having a look over the excess waste collections.


It’s lunch time! I’ll have a catch-up with Pam, where I’ll bombard her with many questions from the day’s queries!


Hopefully by now I’ve made some headway on my emails and have sent through all necessary reports, added required information, and answered all outstanding issues (that’s on a really good day). I also make sure Pam has the reports required for all her meetings the next day.


I pick my youngest up from the gym, then head home and make dinner for the family. I’ll have a quick clean around the house normally and won’t have time for much rest, but that’s just how I like it.


On Thursday and Friday evenings I work from home as a hairdresser, while every Tuesday I meet my best friend and we have a Costa together while watching the world go by. Meanwhile, on Monday and Wednesday nights I pick my kids up from rugby practice.


I have a final clean up before heading to bed, just so I’m ready to do it all over again the next day!