RiverRidge Applauds Local Scheme of Reusing Laptops with Generous Donation

NORTHERN Ireland’s leading waste management company,

RiverRidge donated £2k to an innovative upcycling scheme to ensure children in socially deprived areas are able to continue with home schooling during the current lockdown restrictions.

Derryware Donations, a joint project by local IT specialist and teacher, Eoghan Barr and the New2You Centre at Pennyburn Recycling Centre, is encouraging people and businesses to dig out devices such as laptops and tablets that they no longer use, which will be refurbished and equipped with the necessary software required for remote learning through Google Classroom.

Thanks to RiverRidge’s donation, the project will be able to acquire batteries for refurbished laptops, which will then be distributed to children in the local area. This will help to alleviate the pressures of home learning for some families, as well as addressing the shortage of devices to facilitate home schooling.

Speaking about the company’s contribution to the scheme, RiverRidge CEO Brett Ross said, “It’s great to see an initiative such as this. Not only does it highlight how equipment can be reused, reducing the negative impact upon our environment, but it also highlights how a community, when working together, can make a real difference.

“RiverRidge is delighted to be able to play a small part in this project and show how imperative it is to recycle and reuse IT equipment. This fantastic and resourceful initiative allows children to continue with their education, who would not normally have access to this equipment. We wish Eoghan and the team at the New2You centre the very best of luck.”

Nuala Griffiths, Manager at New2You said, “We are extremely grateful to RiverRidge for their very generous donation. The project has continually grown in demand and every donation we receive is greatly appreciated. Through support from individuals and local businesses like RiverRidge, we are able to ensure children in the local area are able to continue with their home schooling.

Eoghan Barr said, “We have had a great response to the scheme since it was launched in the Derry and Strabane areas.  Home schooling has created enormous pressure for families and parents, who may not have the resources to buy a new device, or the hardware required, but this initiative has enabled children in many local families who are in need, to continue their education through the use of Google Classroom.

Liz Bonham, Family Support Co-Ordinator at SureStart Shantallow said, “We are extremely grateful to Derryware Donations for the four laptops we have been able to access through the scheme, which will support three of our families in need. These devices will help to make a difference in homes where both parents and children have been struggling to cope with the demands placed upon them by COVID restrictions and home schooling. Thank you for providing these items, which will help make life easier for families in these very challenging times.”

To date, 94 devices have been distributed to families throughout the Derry City and Strabane area through the scheme.

If you are a business or individual and would like to contribute to the project, you can bring your spare devices to the reception hatch at Strahans Road Recycling Centre in Strabane during business hours, or to the furniture donation point at the New2You centre. Find out more at www.derrywaredonations.org.

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