Food Waste Law, Affecting Every Business, Every Week!

It is widely reported, in the UK 15 million tonnes of food is lost or wasted each year, with 4.2 million tonnes of edible food thrown away each year. As of 1st April 2017 any workplace binning more than 5kgs of food waste, such as leftover sandwiches and fruit peelings, will need to dispose of it in a different bin and have it collected separately from a general waste collection.
The new duty, administered by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, is set to affect more businesses than ever before, unlike previous legislation where mainly cafés, restaurants and hotels were affected. One company which is focused on assisting businesses manage, what will be for many a major game changer, is Northern Ireland’s largest and most experienced waste management operator, RiverRidge.

Now based across four sites in Belfast, Coleraine, Derry-Londonderry and Portadown, RiverRidge has the ability to service 95% of Northern Ireland’s post codes directly, allowing RiverRidge to become an essential part of a business’ waste management strategy.

The recycling specialist has led the way in developing best practice waste control methodologies for all types of organisations. With over 3,000 customers, ranging from corner retail units to large multinationals, RiverRidge has ensured the customer it deals with receives a bespoke service which is always resource efficient and cost effective.

Brett Ross, CEO of RiverRidge, comments, “We are focused on helping businesses move away from expensive landfill options in order to extract savings and new efficiencies in recycling.

“If your business is likely to be affected by the new regulations, it is imperative to have a waste management partner that will make the transition simple, straightforward and without any fuss. We offer a food waste management service that starts with advice on how to effectively separate food and finishes with the collection and disposal of this food waste.

“It is worth noting we charge our clients on a monthly basis for the service we provide, but this can sometimes be as much as 40 per cent cheaper than certain providers for waste disposal. Once you understand how to segregate your waste and train your staff accordingly, the process is really much more straight forward than you may think.

“Embracing the new regulations is an excellent way to help your business become more resource efficient and the new duty will lead to a reduction in costs for businesses as well as a cleaner, greener environment for everyone,” adds Brett.

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