RiverRidge and Translink Collaborate to Achieve Zero Waste to Landfill

The country’s leading public transport provider, Translink, has partnered with RiverRidge in order to achieve its overall goal of zero waste to landfill and to extract value from its waste streams by the cost savings associated with efficiencies in recycling.

Today waste management is becoming a fundamental part of Northern Ireland’s commercial and industrial operations. The need to reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint and at the same time control the associated costs is critical and more imperative than ever before.

Andy Bate, Translink Corporate Environmental Manager, commented, “At Translink, we are focused on our environmental performance including both reducing and disposing of the waste we create in a sustainable way.

“Working with RiverRidge has meant that we can capitalise on opportunities to develop innovative solutions to improve resource efficiency. As a result of RiverRidge’s full suite of waste management services, Translink already successfully diverts 95% of waste from landfill and are on track to achieve our zero waste target.”

As the leading independent waste management operation in Northern Ireland RiverRidge offers a broad range of collection, treatment and diversion from landfill solutions.

Alan Sproule, Strategic Development Manager of RiverRidge, comments; “At RiverRidge, we work with our customers to help reduce their impact on the environment through implementing integrated waste management strategies focused on driving material away from landfill and identifying value in waste.

“RiverRidge has the ability to collect waste directly from 95% of Northern Ireland’s postcodes. Our standard and bespoke treatment solutions ensure waste is fully recycled at one of our three waste recovery facilities.

“As a result, the company is able to divert significant tonnages away from landfill through a variety of customer focused diversion solutions. The company’s commitment to landfill diversion is supported by its multi-site treatment infrastructure, as well as its Belfast based Waste to Energy facility.”

RiverRidge is now regarded as the market leader across many aspects to the sector, including service levels, innovation and best practice. Its recent new brand tagline; Rethinking Resources, captures the essence of an organisation determined to change the way waste is managed forever.

Translink’s Andy Bate, continues; “Our mission is to work innovatively and efficiently taking a collaborative approach with RiverRidge to demonstrate Translink’s long term commitment to increased recycling and waste reduction, in a sustained pledge to protect our environment.”