Second Year in a Row as RiverRidge Achieves Sustainable Ireland’s Waste Management and Environmental Excellence Award

INDEPENDENT recycling company, RiverRidge, has been awarded Waste Management and Environmental Excellence for the second year in row, at Northern Ireland’s highly respected Sustainable Ireland award ceremony.

The award, sponsored by Ulster Shedders, recognises excellence within the resource and Waste Management industry, through best practice and innovation across a range of commercial and public sectors.

Brett Ross, CEO of RiverRidge comments; “We are extremely proud to once again achieve the Waste Management and Environmental Excellence award. This is exactly what RiverRidge’s business model centres on and this award is an outstanding testament to our company wide pledge to creating clean and reusable alternatives for all disregarded waste.”

Now positioned as Northern Ireland’s leading waste management company, RiverRidge has transformed significantly over the last six years from a family-run operation, offering basic waste collection and disposal services, to Northern Ireland’s largest independent waste management specialist, serving a diverse customer base across both the private and public sectors.

Brett continues; “At the heart of RiverRidge’s entire operation is a passion for making certain that the vast majority of waste produced in Northern Ireland can be diverted from landfill. We have invested heavily in state of the art material recycling facilities and cutting-edge technology to ensure waste material can be given yet another, useful lease of life whether in a recycled form or as a waste derived fuel.”

The company’s commitment to embracing new technology and willingness to adopt new techniques has revolutionised how it processes waste. In April 2017, RiverRidge launched its Rethinking Resources brand tagline, to champion and promote a more resource efficient and productive approach to waste management in Northern Ireland. The two words capture the essence of an organisation determined to change the way waste is managed forever.

Brett adds; “It is our duty to handle waste legally from the moment we collect it to the final point of disposal. Attaining the award title of ‘Waste Management and Environmental Excellence’, reaffirms our ability to handle waste legally, responsibly and transparently to all of our customers.”

The Sustainable Ireland award ceremony also hosted a charity raffle and auction in aid of RiverRidge’s nominated charity, Northern Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, as a result a total of £6,315 was raised for the charity.

Brett Ross added, “Thank you to the team at Sustainable Ireland, without their support the charity raffle would not have been possible. I would also like to extend my gratitude to everyone who made a contribution on the evening. The support, advice and specialist care offered by NI Children’s Hospice is incredible, so thank you to each of you for helping to benefit this wonderful charity and its outstanding work!”