The Time Is Now For Recycling

Did you know that recycling a single plastic bottle will save enough energy to power a 60W lightbulb for up to six hours? If we recycled our old electricals, it would cut as much carbon dioxide as taking 1.3 million cars off the road!

In 2004, Northern Ireland’s household recycling rate was only 19%, but in March 2023, this figure had increased to 42%. Whilst significant progress has been made, better waste management is required to address the current climate crisis, and ensure the region meets its 2035 recycling target of 65%.

Leading waste and resource management company, RiverRidge has played a critical role in Northern Ireland’s waste sector success in recent years, thanks to its innovative approach to waste management.

By offering a full waste management solution to clients, with the circular economy at the heart of its operations, RiverRidge treats waste as a valuable resource, ensuring a positive outcome for the planet and local communities. This has resulted in the company producing electricity that is injected into the Northern Ireland grid. The company is also commencing the next stage of its innovative vehicle fuel project and anaerobic digestion (AD) plant that will maximise the level of recycling for residual waste.

To enable RiverRidge to continue with its innovative approach however, it’s imperative that we all play a part in disposing of waste in the most environmentally friendly way.

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