RiverRidge Welcomes On-Site Visitors!

RiverRidge was delighted to welcome current customers Seagate Technology & Causeway Coast Holiday Park to the Garvagh depot location for a full tour of the facilities. The RiverRidge team take pride in their process of waste management and always embrace the opportunity to share their knowledge with customers. Both Seagate Technology & Causeway Coast Holiday Park were interested in understanding how their company’s waste was collected and processed firsthand. They were given a full rundown from start to finish of how RiverRidge operates daily.

Safety is always RiverRidge’s main priority when welcoming visitors on site, which is why our tour started with an inducted and full H&S (Health & Safety) briefing before being allowed to enter the plant. In addition to H&S, an overview of the facility was provided before going into the plant, as it is a working site and machinery was in full operation.

We then moved on to the exciting part, finding out what happens to the waste! We headed off to the main shed where we observed the waste being offloaded from various vehicles. The waste then started its journey through the facility where it passes through a trommel where fine materials are sieved out. The waste was then placed over magnets to extract out metals and light irons, through a hand sorting station where large items such as PET bottles, milk cartons, wood, and cardboard are removed for recycling.

An optical separator is utilized to extract light films and plastics through state-of-the-art technology. The waste is then put through a shredder to reduce the size of the material and then moved through a wash plant to try and remove the organic content from the material. The waste is then put through an innovative dryer where the moisture content is reduced to increase the calorific value of the waste for fuel production.

At this stage, RiverRidge can manufacture a high-grade RDF fuel suitable for our gasification plant in Belfast. The use of FCG and cement Kilns ensure maximum landfill diversion targets are met.

“The visit was very educational. Having a walking tour of the plant was a great way of understanding in-depth how our waste at Seagate is being treated once leaving the site by seeing the process first-hand. This information has been a great assistance in our site waste management projects, and we are in the process of communicating RiverRidge’s landfill diversion efforts to all of our personnel.” said a Seagate team member who joined us on the tour.

“I would highly recommend this visit to any company where importance is placed upon lowering their landfill diversion rate and encourage efficient waste segregation on site. The information gained from this visit can be highly useful in the implementation of effective waste management practises within a company. I also found the extremely low landfill rate to be highly impressive, considering the vast amounts of waste seemingly received to the Garavagh site. The importance of segregation and separating recyclable materials from the general waste stream was also very interesting with the various machinery and techniques involved. ”

The process and machinery used at RiverRidge are complex and better seen first-hand to grasp the logistics of how RiverRidge operates fully. That is why we are always happy when one of our customers wants to visit us on-site and to expand their understanding of how we operate and how they can implement practical solutions to ensure their company limits their landfill contribution.

Whether you are a customer or are a company interested in how RiverRidge operates, contact one of our sales team members for more information.

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